Friday, February 12, 2016

Update......only a year later...

So, I am literally the worst at posting on here within a good amount of time.

I finished Pathway with the goal of getting A's in all of my classes! It was awesome. I am halfway through my first semester on BYU-I online. My degree is Marriage & Family Studies. I am loving the classes so far. It is hard to transition into university classes but I am so far doing well, even though I totally didn't finish and turn in that one project... I am taking 6 credits and am working part time. I am currently looking for a second job in any field but if I can get into the restaurant world that would be awesome. I want to get a degree in Business Managment later on so that I can open my own restaurant and run it until my future husband decides to retire then I can sell the business and use the money for missions in the church with my husband and for retirement.

No. I am not dating anyone right now. Thanks for asking.

I found crossfit. well actually my friend introduced me to it and I have become addicted to it. My body has changed so much and my body image is better. I feel better and don't get winded from going up stairs(yay me!). I am starting my training for running a half marathon. I want to do one for my birthday then travel around and go hiking and camping for the recovery stage of my half marathon.

My goals for the year are to pay off my debt. Get a new atop before I start school in the fall and to buy a new car at the end of this year. Hopefully I can get a second job soon to get that process started.

I don't have anything else to write for now so I'll just end this post before I start venting random crap from my life that doesn't need to be shared.



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