Sunday, February 15, 2015

*Insert some cool title here*

Second post! Only a week(or so) after the first?? Amazing isn't it?

So, I had a bunch of really cool things that I wanted to post about, but they have since left my brain.

Oh well.

Writing is so fun. I am loving my English class right now. Being able to show others my writing and have them comment on it is quite a thrill. At the start of this class, I felt that my writing would be considered horrible or not up to par. But, that was not the case. I have people coming to me to proofread their papers since they liked my papers so much. I enjoy it, but I feel as though if I am not careful, I will hurt someones feelings with my critique.
I have a friend in the class that is around that same level as I in writing and I am learning so much from her. I am glad to be able to have someone who thinks the same way I do, give me feedback on my papers.

Why do some women expect a huge bouquet of flowers for Valentine's Day? Do they think that their significant other somehow loves them less if they do not receive a $50+ gift of flowers that will die in a week or so and chocolate on a specific holiday? I think that it is absurd to expect your lover to plan out this pinterest perfect romantic night on this one holiday. Why can't the man or woman plan a romantic night whenever they choose? Why can't it be when they want to show love the most? I would rather have a spontaneous, romantic evening with my boyfriend/husband on a night that has nothing to do with Valentine's Day because they wanted to show love to me, not because they felt pressured to by the world's standard for showing love. I feel like the occasion would have more meaning if not done on the same day that all the other men and women are trying to romance their partner. Maybe we should all try to show our love everyday and in whatever way we would like, because we are all unique, and we all certainly do not feel or think the same way.

If you still want to celebrate Valentine's day go right ahead. I just won't be putting as much emphasis on it as everyone else. Nor will I expect my lover to plan the perfect romantic date on that day(but he can if he would like too).

I am excited for when I have a home of my own. I am going to have the biggest garden full of flowers and fruits and veggies of all varieties. I am going to preserve the produce in every way that I possibly can. I will be cooking like crazy. I am pretty sure that my family will be spoiled with good and healthy food. While registering for Skype I was trying to figure out what a good screen name would be and I came up with crazyplantlady. I am not going to lie, I hope to live up to that name when I am older.

Right now, I am on the fence about TV. I like to watch shows that teach me things, but I also enjoy The X-Files. I think that I am going to limit the amount of TV that is in my home, maybe not even have one at all. I want my children to discover the world and educate themselves through reading and playing around outside. I hope that they will have a desire to constantly learn from what is around them and seek out the best sources for educating themselves. I also hope that they will come to my husband and I when they have questions that they are having a hard time finding answers to on their own. I want my children to be comfortable with coming to me and their father with anything that may be on their mind. One can hope right?

Well, time for bed(code for I want to binge watch The Pioneers).


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